Giant of the Job Search

Conventional job searches are broken. There are more exciting and fulfilling jobs than ever before, so why do most job openings sound boring and pay so poorly? Why do my résumé and perfect cover letter get ignored over and over and over? Am I not even good enough to get rejected?

Whether you just finished school and don’t know where to start, you want to change career paths, or you're utterly lost and would prefer to hide in bed, Giant of the Job Search provides a proven, repeatable strategy to earn confidence and land a job you love.

Paxton Duff combines sharp lessons from his test group, his own humorous anecdotes, and wisdom from wildly successful leaders to teach you the dirty secrets:

  • A detailed playbook to break into any industry in 3 months.
  • LinkedIn strategies to 10x your learning and referrals.
  • How to turn an Instagram DM into a job created specifically for you (a true story from the test group).
  • Why you should view your career “from the moon” and feel less pressure.
  • And much more...
Giant of the Job Search

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Christopher Miller

5 out of 5 stars

Great Read to Help You Achieve Your Dreams
Have you ever wondered how to get your dream job, but didn't know where to look? Well this is the book for you.

Ari Ramchandani

5 out of 5 stars

Informative, hilarious, and can be applied to many situations
As a business student who "went to school to learn how to get a job," I was apprehensive upon beginning this book. After reading it all the way through, I can say that this book will teach you skills on how to stand out to job seekers and break the status quo while highlighting the importance of discipline and resiliency. There are many hidden gems throughout that many formal business educations fail to teach, along with research and hard evidence to back it up. Paxton empathizes with the job seeker, and lets us know that we're not alone: everyone is faking it till they make it. Furthermore, the ideas within this book can be applied to many goals one is trying to achieve even beyond a job search, which is what makes it so special. Plus, it's a pretty funny read. 100000/10, would recommend to anyone, even if you have a job you love. JOB SEEKERS, READ THIS!!!!!!!!


5 out of 5 stars

There is a better way
This is the kind of book you pick up for its premise, read a couple pages, quickly realize Paxton's a whole lot funnier than you ever gave him credit for, and finish having learned an easy, stepwise approach to be intentional and land an awesome job you might not even currently know exists. If you're lost, looking, supporting a friend's first book release, or any combination of the above, this book is for you. In all seriousness, Giant of the Job Search is a book I'm glad I read now and certainly wish I would have read earlier when I was finishing up my degree and desperately sending out countless resumes and cover letters into the black hole that is Indeed, Monster, etc hoping for a winning lottery ticket. There is a better way.