Hi, I'm Paxton.

Image of Paxton
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Thank you for your curiosity about me. I have three primary identities:

  • I am a shameless NFL superfan (protect the shield, baby).
  • I attempt to inject humor into most situations, like a high-volume/low-efficiency shooter in a basketball game.
  • I am an avid reader and writer. In addition to this website, I have published articles for a Washington think tank, written/performed sketch comedy in Nashville, blogged about my year in Mexico, and launched a book on Amazon (Giant of the Job Seach).

Many of the newer posts focus on psychology, modern careers, the effect of technologies on society, and reflections on where we might be headed. Other posts have nothing to do with these subjects at all.

In short, I will try to always make you chuckle at least once, or you can publicly humiliate me on Twitter (@tupaxduff). If you subscribe to my mailing list, you will only receive emails when I post!